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Meet the leader of the b(r)and – Rhody Bones. Yes, Rhody, as in a member of the band’s road crew or a beverage that is consumed on the road. Rhody is the embodiment of the spirit of Metal Spirits – the spiritual leader so to speak. He represents our collective spirits and the spirits of everyone, everywhere who believes what we believe.  Wherever there is Liberty, Responsibility, and Rock N Roll, you can bet your ass Rhody will be there. We hope you’ll be there too!

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Dave Goes

Founding Spirit

Founding Spirit and maverick leader. Dedicated to Liberty, Responsibility, and Rock N Roll. Life is short. Do as you wish so long as you don’t trample others’ freedoms and have a blast!

About Me

Fellow Metal Spirits! This madness is my brainchild and is the result of my passionate belief in individual liberty, personal responsibility and that certain American creation called Rock-N-Roll! I started this company to build a lifestyle brand for those of you who share those same core beliefs. We believe all people are created equal and you have the right to think what you think. However, we are not here to force an agenda on you and expect the same courtesy from everyone else. Live and let live. Love and respect each other. But learn how to live in a world where not everyone agrees with you! If you are one of us, welcome to the Tribe!

Favorite Band

“Fuckin’ Slayer!” I am always amazed at the speed and clarity in which they play and sing (i.e. scream intelligibly). They also have thoughtfully irreverent lyrics that resonate with me and my beliefs (e.g. the downsides of religion and the ridiculousness and political nature of war). It’s the only band that has a dedicated playlist on my music app.

Favorite Concert

AC/DC. I was 14 and it was my first concert. I don’t think I was allowed to go 😉 but did anyway. It was the first time I discovered that righteous rebellion was necessary.

Favorite Spirit

Although not allowed to be made outside of Scotland, those damn Scots do know how to make amazing whisky. I love our rye whiskey though. Sometimes scotch can be overwhelming and Metal Spirits Rye is lighter and smooth as hell! [As a side note, I hate gin but my spirit partner (Jessy Marie) is Aussie-British and she’s all about it. Will see. I’m sure she’ll wear me down…

Metal Spirits Tribe_02
Jessy “Marie”

Getting Shit Done Spirit

Partner in life, business and crime with our Founding Spirit, I slipped into the passenger seat to come along on this crazy adventure. I’m pumped to be a part of not only an amazing set of products, but a spectacular crew of artisans, and more importantly the best M&ther F*ckers I have ever known.

About Me

Partner in life, business and crime with our Founding Spirit, I slipped into the passenger seat to come along on this crazy adventure. Growing up in Sydney, Australia in the 80’s-90’s my musical tastes were influenced by the beach where Grunge and Punk were having a field day and my passion for dance . I have eclectic styles in music and life. Having ridden the financial services wave for 17 years, working now in the CPG & Retail world my desire to educate and be educated about quality products is ever growing. I’m pumped to be apart of not only an amazing set of products, but a spectacular crew of artisans, and more importantly the best M&ther F*ckers I have ever known.

Favorite Band

Favorite Band and Why: I would never turn down an opportunity to listen or watch Rob Zombie. Not everyone can take a specific sound and weave it from genre to genre so meticulously and still maintain the uniqueness of the sound. True maestro! True individual!

Favorite Concert

Favorite Concert and Why: FFDP (Five Finger Death Punch) 08/29/2018 – Chicago, IL @ Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre. When you take someone to a concert that has never a) had an interest in metal and b) never heard the headlining act before and c) turns into a lover of the Metal Genre – it is akin to divine intervention! Watching our brother Bobby Beuks turn into a Metal Spirit was a defining moment in my concert going career and I will never forget it!

Favorite Spirit

Favorite Spirit and Why: Gin. It’s one of the most complex spirits, in terms of taste, out in the market. Whether you are like me and tend to prefer a salty, briny style of Gin or lean towards the “I just got punched in the face with a bag of flowers and pine needles” side, all represent the individuals flavor palate. This is what beverages should be about. Plus I am half English, so I got to be representing my British cousins favourites!

Metal Spirits Tribe_03
Liam Poole

International Spirit

International spirit, fellow reprobate, long-time friend and die hard metal fan. Being part of a business that embodies all that we believe in is something I couldn’t say no to! Working with my fellow crew from far away, but near in spirit, to make this the hardest brand on the planet.

About Me

I started listening to metal when I was about 4, having been influenced by my older brother, something resonated…the raw instruments, loud aggressive nature of the music and yet the melodic nature of it all coming together to lift any spirit up has kept me close to metal my whole life. Having met Dave and Jess through a previous employer, we worked closely together to build something special so it’s an honour to serve this team again and to work alongside them. That comradery combined with our love for metal and passion for good spirits makes this team one of a kind, and I am honoured to be a part it.

Favorite Band

Favorite Band and Why: Motörhead \,,/ The loudest, fastest and most raw band I have ever listened to. Watching Lemmy perform in the early days was truly inspirational, not a care in the world just making the hardest music they could. What has kept me listening to them all these years (I will still be listening to them until my last days) is the true authenticity of their music, their sound and their lyrics. Nothing changed in all the years Lemmy was around, they were Motörhead, from start to finish.

Favorite Concert

Favorite Concert and Why: Motörhead, Wembley Arena, London, 08/11/2014. Having listened to Motörhead for almost 2 decades while growing up I finally had my chance to go and see them live. It was everything I had imagined and more. Raw, loud, fast…Motörhead. There is always a dangerous moment when you go and see bands for the first time, but those that are truly legendary start live, and are always exceptional in their performances. That to me is where metal separates itself as a genre from all others.

Favorite Spirit

Favorite Spirit and Why: Whiskey. Has to be the ol scotch we get here in the UK. There is something mystical about the way Whiskey is made, something about the solitude of the oak barrels sitting in deep, dark underground cellars attracting the flavours through the wood and the stillness of the environment. I am always amazed at how complex Whiskey really is, whether it’s Scottish Whiskey, Japanese Whiskey or Locally Distilled Whiskey, they all have some unique attributes that bring it alive to the person enjoying it… but it has to be on the rocks, or neat. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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